Aspiration and Appreciation – YTT 4/6- CA

Just to re-cap from entry #1 – yoga weekends are exhausting. But what I’ve discovered is the bliss that comes with with. Each Saturday and Sunday I ride the bus home, happy, content, focused, purposeful. I have found I want to dive into the homework and forget everything else. What lies beneath is the fear of this 200 hour YTT quickly coming to an end and not at all feeling prepared. I know envy is the ego getting a voice so I’m choosing to view my learning as aspiration- to be the best I can – and appreciation of the teachers I have and have had – appreciation of their knowledge, skills, and service in the name of Yoga. Not to aspire to be the same as my teachers but to find my way into yoga and to offer yoga; through my own energy, temperament and to acquire the skills of my teachers. I thank all of you. All of you in YTT are my teachers.