Flow & Balance

(6 May 2017)

Class Sequencing was something I did not expect that would fascinate me as much as it did. What really excited me most was discovering the similarities to what I had been learning in other movement and theatre trainings I have undertaken.

The main idea is that energy/ prana/ breath flows throughout the body in a continuous looping spiral. Everything is interlinked in the body, and any movement has a consequence that reverberates through every part of the body. There is a natural order about things too – we began on the right because solar energy starts from the right, to the left where there is yin energy. Taichi is like this too. The second point is that the energy travels from the bottom of the spine upwards, from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head. That is why the sequence has to go from standing to seated to prone to supine and finally to inversion. It’s very similar to a lot of performance /theatre training as well which begin with the relationship of the feet to the earth. You have to root your self first, but you have to eventually let go of your self (ego).

And what for? Often the goal in sequencing our classes is to get the flow moving, to unlock blockages and achieve balance. We also learnt the pranayama Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) earlier today and it is also about balancing the yin and yang energies within oneself. I really like Nadi Shodhana, because although it is difficult it helps me for my anxiety when the wave of emotions start to crash into one another inside me.

But perhaps balance all the time is not natural either, nor healthy, nor realistic, Recently I noticed in movement improvisations during class (I am in acting school) that my movement patterns have a tendency to become symmetrical (i.e. if I do this action on the right, I repeat it on the left!) I guess this is the price I pay for going deep into one particular form – which is yoga here. I need to weave in more asymmetry and variations in my yoga poses perhaps, to break my patterns and continue to stay open and flexible.

– Sonia (Weekend YTT) . 1/6