Chakras and auras

(14 May 2017)

Today was one of my favourite classes of all time – chakras! I know that some people are uncomfortable with interrogating this supposedly ‘spiritual’ side of Yoga, and some people believe Yoga is a religion because of this, but I strongly disagree with that. The beautiful thing about chakras is it is based on the body, and every one has a body.

I believe that the body is always more than just physical. It carries so much emotional memory and power about who we are as people and where we are at in our lives. The body doesn’t lie. And we learnt that if you are experiencing a certain emotion/situation, it is highly likely that one of the chakras is out of balance and blocked. For me, I realise how much my heart chakra and throat chakras are closed, in varying degrees. Moving with asana and pranayama practice really does makes a difference, slowly but surely. Breath is the definitive movement of life.

I was very excited to learn about auras as well. To see the glow of colour around someone – actually, more like to feel the colour the person is radiating. I guess in acting we often call this ‘presence’. (“Can you extend your kinosphere?”) I like to think of it as vibrations/vibes too, you feel this once you meet someone. I guess how your aura plays with another person’s aura also determines the quality of relationships. Jess said she saw my aura as dark blue. I googled and it said dark blue aura bearers are usually highly sensitive. This is very true – but is a very double-edged sword in my life. Hopefully as my Yoga practice deepens, I can connect more deeply with my aura, and also the auras of others.

Sonia (Weekend YTT) . 2/6