Curiosity is the compass that leads us to our passions.

My journey started in 2017, I still remember my friends ask me to join a free trial lesson and I ended up sitting in a room full of old ladies. From that day, I’m hooked. I don’t know what it was exactly but yoga gave me something I couldn’t find anywhere else.

I still remember the first trial yoga lesson is Vinyasa. The yoga teacher led the class through various yoga contortions and strange breathing patterns that would occasionally cause me to giggle. I am not sure what to do just looking at the other students by observing and try very hard to follow all the sequence. Back then I didn’t even think to ask.

Everyone have to start somewhere. So I just go and take class every day. I thought that this is the only way to make me stronger. All the aunties keep encourage me to take more classes and told me keep practice and everything will get better. After few classes, I still wonder… why the class start from breathing? What does it link and helps in practice? Why we need to said “Namaste” before and at the end of the lesson? After few months of practice, my shoulder, upper back and lower back is in pain. I was thinking am I pushing myself too hard? I’m asking myself what have I done to my body, what should I do next so I can have a safe practice. Curiosity enhance learning! It made me started to research online and “WOW” , I realized that there is a lot more to learn and definitely not just by doing research online.

It takes me time to realized things. I’m a speedy person but a slow thinker. After this incident, I know that I couldn’t continue the lesson just by observing or follow verbal cues without knowing how to practice safely.

And yes, here I am in YTT course. I’m excited and prepared to start from scratch again! I believe that after this course, I will see and think differently.


Lee Yan Hui ( ig: )