Coming from a chinese family, i have very little knowledge on the age old indian medicine ayurveda. It is the first time I have been introduced to the 3 doshas: pita vata and kapha. In the second week of ytt, we took a test that had a number of questions relating to our physical body parts and behavioral reaction to situations to identify what dosha type we are.

After tallying the scores, I got the most points for vata type which makes sense because most of the recurring vata questions referred to my body like small bones structure and nature to being cold.

A quick google on vata shows cold, light, dry, irregular, quick, changeable. Words that surprisingly describes me in a lot of ways. However, I was quite surprised when my instructors started to describe pita as having a bad temper or easily gets angry. I know I have quite a short temper so it seems to be like i should be of pita type. It all made sense when i understood that it is possible to have different doshas for the body and mind.

Knowing how a vata body type and a pita mind behaves personally explained a couple of things about myself. It is also quite interesting to make sense of it in the people I know. It will help to make life simpler for me to look at things in a more objective manner than getting judgemental in why certain people behave in certain ways.

I like to be able to understand how things we eat and do affect our doshas and will definitely take more time to read up on this topic and how to balance them out. Because even as I am still pretty uncertain how it will exactly help me and my family/friends, there is not really much to lose when the intention is there to get healthier in terms or our physical and in our relationships.

#letytt17 post 2/6