(6 June 2016)

The beautiful thing about yoga teacher training is how I get to learn about the complexities and wonder of the human body. We are more than flesh and blood. Today we learnt that doshas are the elements that lie inside our body, that it’s a ayurvedic term. There are 5 elements – wind, fire, earth, water, space – all within us.

I finally did the test today with the weekday YTT batch, finally catching up with what everyone else has been talking about. My results did not surprise me, I have a heavily slanted Vata mind. I am proud about having a more Pitta than Vata body now though – that i think was the result of doing lots of yoga actually. Now to work on balancing out the Kapha in my body – but more importantly IN MY MIND, where it is sorely lacking.

This YTT has made me confront many things about my self that I already know but perhaps don’t want to deal with. To be honest, I think I came to yoga to deal with my Vata mind. It really hit me hard when I learnt that mental problems in communication is one of the main things that Vata minds will be affected by. It is unfortunately extremely close to home for me. This breakdown in communication has characterised most of my romantic relationships. I was already aware of this though, the next step is how to overcome it? Body is at least more willing but oh man the mind….

I will persevere with my yoga practice to balance out this Vata mind.

Sonia (Weekend YTT). 5/6