How it all started

I would like to share a small piece of my life story and how I got into this journey. What is written below is purely based on my own emotions/feelings.

Physically: I used to dance and when I was younger and was quite flexible then. As I grew up, I just got so busy with life and I stopped doing the thing that I loved the most. It was just last year, I decided to continue dancing again I realized I lost my flexibility and thought it would just come back if I stretch everyday. Apart from stretch class, I decided to try yoga at a later stage. So I went to a few yoga classes (disclaimer: in another yoga studio) , and accepted the fact that I wasn’t progressing at all. After every class I felt the same. Wasn’t getting any stronger nor flexible. I knew my alignments were wrong but I didn’t know how to do the correct ones.

I dislike stretch classes cause it was just so so painful and the areas where I felt the pain was always different from others. I.e. When doing a certain pose, the whole class felt the stretch at the hamstring but I felt it outside my knees (IT band syndrome maybe?) or calf. I knew my body anatomy was different from others. My back was so stiff and rounded that my body couldn’t even pass my hips when trying to reach forward even in an easy sitting position. My knees are always so far away from the ground when I’m sitting in a butterfly pose.

Mentally: I used to work in a manufacturing industry, long hours (12 hours a day excluding travel time) and heavy workload. I always felt depressed and kept thinking “Is this what life is about? Working to make a living? Take a week off for vacation and repeat this vicious cycle?”. And in the world today, I felt there is so much judgement and expectation, so little love, caring and understanding from others. I am ashamed to admit I felt like I was losing it so I changed my job cause I needed some time for myself. So far, thank god I am in a good work place now.

With all the above going on, I decided to join ytt to know more about yoga, my own body and hoping to find inner peace and calmness. Selfish to say, I started this journey for myself. – Cassandra