I’m a Kapha, how about you? (ec)

We got to do a quick questionnaire in class to determine the type of doshas we belong to. I loved it – it was like finding out which personality type you are! Doshas in Ayurveda refer to our unique physical and mental constitution, which influence our personal well-being. So each of us is supposed to have our own dominant doshas, and it’s also supposedly good to know how to balance out your dossier to enjoy lasting health and peace of mind.

My doshas are really imbalanced! I’m a strong Kapha. Jessica made us find out the type of food which are bad for Kapha as home assignment one day and i was so upset to find most of my favourite type of food on that list! I’m supposed to reduce food that is sweet, sour, salty and oily. I should favour food that is light, dry or warm. Food with pungent bitter, and astringent tastes are the best for me. Oh man. Can you see why I was upset? In an article i read, it said to avoid taking avocados. I just can’t…
Oh well. I shall work on balancing myself as a Kapha. Slowly but surely!