Just breathe

(4 June 2017)

Today we learned the nervous system is divided into two parts: Sympathetic VS Parasympathetic. Interestingly, sympathetic here means ‘stressed’, which is different from how we usually understand it (i have to look up the origin of the word some time) Parasympathetic is ‘relaxed’. We need both. It’s like the heart pumping.

I was very struck by one moment in today’s class. Jess was showing us how you can help someone relax. When she placed her hand on the person’s rib/stomach area (I think it was Let), you could see how she managed to guide Let’s breathing to follow her, without doing *anything*. Jess was only breathing and listening. It was so powerful to see. To go into the exercise with just the intention of being there for the person is enough.

You can tell someone to relax without telling them explicitly. Often that backfires anyway. Delivery is key. When you are listening to someone (esp if they’re pacnicking or frustrated), you can start to breathe slower and gently guide their breathing to be like yours. You don’t have to say anything, and you can help them relax. I came into YTT with the main aim of learning more about my own yoga practice, but then now I realise i do want to teach yoga, more than I thought I did. Seeing this kind of powerful connection through the simplest of presence is what I too aspire to as a teacher. At the end of the day, yoga means union and connection.

Sonia (Weekend YTT) . 3/6