Live a life of possibilities. 1/6 Su Yeon (Janet) Hong

My mom always told me that there are 3 types of people in this world. There are people who make the world better, then there are people who make the world worse. Lastly, there are people who make nothing happens and just watch what others make. ( It reminds me of three GUNAs that I learned from Yoga theory class in some way 😊). So I have been encouraged to be one of the people who the world needs while growing up but I really didn’t know how to be the one until I worked for the sports brand company. With the company’s vision ‘Sports has the power to change our lives’, I enjoyed working surrounded by people who inspire the world through Sports and saw a lot of people’s lives were changing by being on the mat, sweating and respecting their own bodies and minds. So called mindfulness


Moving to Singapore with my family after 5 years working for the company, I thought it is now time to challenge myself to make good things happen in people’s lives by going further than throwing sports events and connecting people to sports. So here I am attending 200 hr YTT to kick myself out of my comfort zone and push myself beyond language barrier and physical limits(I guess I’m one of the oldest students in my class). I wanted to start my first blog post about what brought me to this course because this journey means a lot to me as it opens the new chapter of my life to be a better person, better mom and better wife.


Looking forward to my 2nd post,

Su Yeon (Janet)