MIA in Goa (YTT3/6)- CA

I am in Goa. I am missing being on my YTT weekends – 2 days and I feel so far behind. This Ayurvedic Detox/Yoga trip, though, is bringing to reality a few of the other aspects of yoga. I am learning more of my Kapha-Vata nature. Working on a particular Kriya – twice a day. Enough said about that. Chakra healing- check.

I had hoped to build up the rigour of yoga this week since I have time away from work stress, but alas, in a complete body rebalancing schedule of only liquids for 7 days, enemas, massages, seems the gentler yoga is what is called for. My work on headstands and pinja mayurasana will have to wait. Looking forward to my return.