Midpoint reflections

Today marks the halfway point of my 200h hatha vinyasa YTT course at The Yoga Mandala. As cliche as it may sound, the 2.5 weeks have just flown past real quickly.

Without getting into a tirade of an essay, I’d like to share the few key learnings in the last week. To do that, I shall practise what teacher Jess has taught us in instructing a class- use point forms! (Nobody has time to read my verbal diarrhoea!)

  • Love thy body. Everyone’s physical anatomy, muscular strength and condition is different. There is no point in comparing yourself to others. Know yourself and work towards your own goals; both physical and mentally.
  • No pain no gain is real. When you are doing that 45th jump squat and your quads are burning through the roof, you persevere (although the form isn’t there anymore) and reach the 50th. But the next day, you find that your jumps into bunny hop/pincha/handstand are so much better!
  • Spread the love. I won’t lie and say the trainings are not tough! But having classmates and teachers who are in it together really helped everyone stay positive, not give up and push through the pain.
  • Don’t overthink. I have the habit of pondering over things, analysing unimportant details which sometimes hinders my LIFE 🙄. What I have learnt in the asanas or preps (especially inversions) was just to do it, and not overthink things. What is the worst that can happen? Fall and just pick yourself up! (Still working on the fear, but we’ll get there)

Practising yoga is a lifestyle. It affects not only your physical state but your mental and emotional states; all in the positive directions in case there was any doubts!


Joanne (ig: jojo_namaste)

(Sorry, the post still ended up being really wordy 🤭)