Omg. Weekends are just my favourite. 2/6 Gayle Nerva

It’s Saturday, 14 Oct 2017. We’re already in our 6th weekend! Oh my goodness! I really did not even notice that that much time has gone by!

Well, YTT at The Yoga Mandala is seriously the thing that I most look forward to in my week. Work has been rather slow lately and it’s put me in sort of downer mood. Feeling really uninspired and unmotivated to do anything really. I know it’s not an excuse to be lazy, (I am just lazy) but I’m just sharing how I’ve been feeling. Waking up with a purpose, coming to class bright and early.. being greeted by awesome fun loving classmates, being guided by great teachers.. It just makes me so happy! Lol!

Anyway! Today Nicole led us in class, Practical and theory, (she also led last Sunday’s classes) We were moving onto our chest opening and back bending postures today so she led us in a chest opening Pranayama. Everyone got some props, (blocks, firm bolsters, blankets) all in order to assist us in opening our chest and shoulders as we laid our backs down on them. Very much like Savasana. Come to class and lie down! Haha! It’s not as easy or comfortable as it sounds though, after what feels like forever, Lying down in a position where your cervical and thoracic spine is being manipulated 😂 When you finally get out of the posture, you’re sitting and standing a whole lot different. It’s a great easy and relaxing way to open the chest in the morning I must say, I actually quite like it.

All of us took our turns at the front of the class again, guiding everyone through our sequences and Vinyasas, when time came round to practice our Wheel, Urdhva Dhanurasana, Nicole showed us how to use the wall, and blocks to assist us in aligning our hands, wrists, elbows and arms – pushing our weight towards the wall, with our elbows touching the wall. Oh! I’ve never done this before! This really was challenging.

Finally at Savasana, Nicole asked if anyone would like to try leading this posture, so I volunteered! Sha Han was like, “are you sure…? You won’t get to lie down then!” haha! I totally forgot that I’d miss out on the posture myself if I led the class! 😂

I did my best to imagine my own body experiencing the posture, calming my breath, calming my mind of restless thoughts and energy, and tried to bring my classmates through a comfortable relaxing Savasana. Verbally telling them to surrender to their mats, relaxing their feet, legs, hips, chest.. arms.. and so on..

I felt that it went pretty aight! BUT! I forgot that when leading out of Savasana, to tell them to stretch their arms overhead, and give their bodies a nice long stretch from fingers all the way down to the toes! I just told them to roll over to their favorite side and sit up. Whoops.

Theory also went really quick! We learnt more about how to assist a student with their alignment. I have a little trouble with knowing how or where to place my hands to help the student. My classmates are super fun and helpful though, so it’s really easy to feel comfortable with them.


Some alignment fun!


Looking forward to Sunday!

Much love, Gayle