Power of the mind- (3/6) Annette

Ok, since I’m on the rollllll, I shall continue with my power series! I’m going to talk about the power of the mind!!!!

DO NOT underestimate the power of the mind! Jess told us we should envision ourselves doing a particular pose, and how you would like to execute it and you will eventually be able to do it! Sounds ambitious huh. But seriously, I believe that if you keep replaying that scene that you NAIL your ideal pose, with practice and mind replaying, you won’t be too far from your goal!

Today marks the day I did my FIRST PINCHA WITH LOTUS LEGS!!!! Hehehe. I remembered a few months ago, I saw someone doing it on instagram, I was like WA let me try! And NOPE it didn’t happen. I couldn’t balance on my pincha, I couldn’t do lotus legs even on headstand, and the combination of the two was just impossible. But today, as I saw Jess doing her lotus legs on a handstand (which at this point of time I’m not even aiming for that yet until I perfect my handstand – but there’s no such thing as perfect anyway right), I thought to myself: Why not give it a shot?

The first few times, I failed and failed…. and did lotus legs but lost balance….. Tried again and NOPE not happening. But, I didn’t give up. I rested, paused, breathed, closed my eyes and envisioned it again. Gave it another shot, and WAHHHLAA! I did it. Not once, but several times!!!!! (Of course, with the wall)

What if I had told myself that this wasn’t for me, and I couldn’t do it? Then I would have never. I had nothing to lose by trying, expect for getting more tired I guess. But in the end, the adrenaline from nailing it overtook any tiredness I had. I was so happy!!! YAY!!!

It goes for the same for many things I’m working on I guess. Press handstands, press pincha, puppy presses, handstanding in the middle of the room ESPECIALLY. As I type this, I think I have to start handstanding in the middle of the room if not I’ll never get there right! Gotta do what I preach…

As for now, I will keep day dreaming about my successful pikes, presses, and handstands…….. Teehee.