practitioner teacher switch

Teaching techniques (theoretically and practically) are well taught in this course but of course you need to apply them through practice. It’s not some magical formula to turn you into a yoga teacher overnight. Same like everything else, it requires passion, dedication, patience and practice.

Being the introvert I am, it’s already challenging for me to convey my message clearly. Not to mention, to do it quick, strategically, clear with an energetic tone, short and sweet. And all those asana sanskrit ! Oh man.. Brain fart ~

Have to be quick in spotting your students alignments and using the right method/props in correcting them before you move on to the next asana. If you are too focus and spend too much time thinking whats wrong with their alignment and how to align them, your whole class will suffer and collapse just waiting for you.

You really gotta split your brain and multitask to align student, monitor other students, counting breaths, instructions and the next pose (not forgetting sanskrit name). Changing from a yoga practitioner to teacher truly requires enlightenment. Salute to all the great yoga teachers out there.

I believe through practice and constantly reminding myself to dedicate all my time, energy and focus on my students to make sure they benefit the most out of their practice will help me get there. Still at the stage of exploring my teaching style and the bond I would want with my students.