Spiritual side of yoga (ec)

I’ve come in to this YTT with the main intention to deepen my own asana practice, understand proper alignments and to hopefully be able to get into inversions poses. I’m so glad that I’m getting so much more than what I had intended. Not only have I become stronger in my arm balances and attained better alignments and understanding of asanas, I have also been enlightened in the spirituality side of yoga. I feel more grounded than ever, being established in the Self, drawing inner strength to manage difficult situations in life, at the same time embrace all the wonderful moments. The union of body, mind and spirit cannot be attained if one is simply good at asanas without drawing awareness of the energy between the mind and the body. I’m not referring to any supernatural spirits here. I’m referring to the spirit which is higher consciousness – a motivation, a driving force, a reason behind everything we think and everything we do. I have found that being aware of this energy is something so powerful and in that I believe is spiritual. I’ve also learnt to enjoy meditation and utilise it to harness more awareness, mindfulness and overall calmness within the mind.