Teaching!!? 3/6 -Roxane


Second teaching class done and dusted for YTT!! I still find it hard to believe that I taught a full hour of class. In my mind, I had fear (What if people didn’t get what I said? What if they hated my sequence, it didn’t help them get to the peak pose at all, or that it’s so easy I’m wasting their time?), anxious (talking in front of people get them nerves activated), but also a whole lot of excitement (yay I think my sequence is gona kick ass!). Hahahaha. The good thing though, is that once I am out there and the class has begun, all my mind can think of is my sequence, whether everyone understands me, whether their alignment correct, counting, whether I’m counting too quickly or slowly, whether I should adjust them. Oops! That’s a whole lot of things too!

A few tips, or perhaps note to myself when teaching:

  • Notice your voice! Using your diaphragm to speak instead of your throat, if not it will get sooooo tiring.
  • Being there for your students, and keeping them there with you. This could mean simple actions such as keeping count, so they could get some form of a support in each pose.
  • Offer options, and emphasise the importance of sticking to an option within their means. More important to get the form right than to try something else and end up hurting themselves.
  • Props are always there for you!
  • Ask questions! At the start of the classes, whether there are any injuries, whether they are alright being adjusted. And when adjusting, ask if they are alright.

There’s still so much more room for improvement to be made! Nonetheless I’m so excited to be on this journey of self-growth, to keep working on being a better version of ourselves. We’re all only gona get better!!!