Teaching: adjustments

Probably one of the most challenging for me to understand and follow is the adjustments part of the ytt course.
Being adjusted and adjusting someone else is totally different. I tried to listen to what I am getting told but when it comes to the actual practice, I would lose confidence whether or not I have made the pose deeper or worse.

Being an introvert, I learn best when I work on my own when starting to learn something new. And adjustments is obviously not a job one can execute alone. Obviously, how can you adjust without some to adjust.

The toughest part would be to assist during inversion because the panic is there and a lot of thoughts just clog my brain.

I guess apart from my boundary issues (maybe that is why I naturally adjust/hold just with my fingers), the idea of accidentally cracking bones or pulling muscles is scary.

WTH, all the boundary issues being thrown out the window now.

Anyway, at least I know which aspect of teaching I super need improvement and I need to spend more time on it to improve and definitely have to work on focus and be present in all that I do.

#letytt17 post 4/6