The Power of Encouragement

So.. there was this week our fun instructors decided we are going on a day out! YAY! NAY?

One sunny Saturday morning, a bunch of yogis went to Sentosa’s obstacle course. I had no idea what we are supposed to do and thought it will be easy peasy. It seems to be some obstacle course for kids from the sound of it. The hell was I wrong.

We got into our safety harness and there are a 3 levels to choose from wherein one level is like a floor level higher than the other. For some reason, I decided to go for Level 2 so as not to waste too much energy on Level 1 if I eventually wanted to go to Level 2. Even before I stepped into the first leg of the course, my legs went jelly.

I had Sara in front of me and Nana behind me. Throughout what seems like about 10 different challenges, Sarah would go on her own and once she finishes, she will turn around and tell me how I can cross. She will give detailed tips and guide me with her voice until I reach about half way or when she feels like I got the hang of it. When I feel so damn scared, she will encourage me and tell me that I am doing it correctly. It was so comforting to have someone like that at that time when I was question why the hell was I there.

After I cross, I will turn around and see Nana’s scared face. I owe it to her to do the same as what Sara did so I tried to give the same instructions and motivate her as well. When Nana asked me if the next leg will be scary, I said no even if it was.

During the last leg, I got distracted because I had to listen to Sara’s instructions when Nana was still not done. When I turned back, I saw Nana calling out to me and in distress and not confident if she was doing the leg correctly. From this, I learned how most of us can do things but needs that little push to overcome our fears.

Apart from the obvious reason Jess wanted to let us try it out – to get rid of our fears, i took a bigger lesson back home.

I realized that encouragement changes everything and every effective teacher has to know how to encourage.
My experience would be very different if Sara was not constantly instructing and motivating me. Me and Nana may have gave up and not complete the course.

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