VATA Mind and Meditation

Before starting YTT I didn’t have a real comprehension on meditation. I thought it was sitting down, breathing and letting your mind do what it wants. At the end of a yoga class in savasana I would just let my mind wonder and have a thousand different thoughts, with no real focus. However, now I know different and understand how difficult Meditation can be, exceptionally with having a vata mind. For example, during Yoga Nidra when we were asked to visualise a clear blue sky or a calm blue lake – first I visualised a clear blue sky and than my mind had birds flying through that sky, so I tried visualising a calm blue lake but than a person starting canoeing towards me on the lake. This really drove the point home that meditation is not easy. As the days past, I keep trying different meditation techniques whether it is focusing on my breathing or visualising; and whilst I still find it difficult with having an active mind, I’m discovering what works and doesn’t work for me. For example, it is easier for me if I have my hands placed on my knees instead of gyan mudra; and focusing on my breathing, visualising it moving in and out of my body works better than visualisation an object as my mind wants to create around what I visualise. The point is I realise I’m not perfect but I can’t get better without practice and I know the more I practice and put the time in, the better I will progress in my yoga practice.

Namaste – Sara