“Well, my friends are gone and my hair is grey. I ache in the places where I used to play” (Leonard Cohen)CA

I’m 50+. I’m exhausted. It takes me longer to get my body to warm up. Asana practice is not easy for me. What am I doing in YTT at this age? In this condition? Surrounded by people half my age? I want nothing more than to sleep in on weekends after a night of too much wine.

I’ve never been an athlete. Or coordinated. I stopped my exercise routine of weights, running and spinning 8 months ago. Just stopped – no reason. What brought me here, to YTT? I was led. I don’t know how or why – it doesn’t matter- I found it, it found me. Every weekend I am with a group of accepting young people and an encouraging, engaging, caring teacher. I have yet to master headstand. Or Pincha Mayurasana. But my judgemental voice saying “I’m not as good as them” and “I won’t be able to do that” is quieting. My standing posture is shifting, my walk is changing, my muscles are engaged, I am stronger. It’s not a jarring, but an awakening.

I recently read nearly 38% of yoga practitioners are over the age of 50.

As with many things in my life, I only know what the next step is, not the destination.

I’m 5o+. I’m exhausted. And I love it.