What I learned the concept of “Gunas” #02 #NANA

What is “Gunas”? I captured Gunas is the good tool to figure out
what’s going on my mind exactly. Gunas consists of tamas (negativity),
rajas (positiveness), and sattva (neutral). According to this
philosophy, these 3, tamas, rajas and sattva are always co-existing in
you like a trefoil knot.

I repeat the same thing though, the 3 Gunas are always present in all
beings. This fact gives me a choice which Gunas I can focus on more.
If I focus on tamas, I fall in the negative circle… But even I’m in
the bad mood If I analyze it and try to find out rajas though sattva,
the state of my feeling turn into rajas which is positiveness. Of
course, I might be required to digest the negativity through the
analyzing process (It might be the most difficult part actually

I’ve been told I’m an “easygoing” person, and I’ve believed it. But I
was kind of down early this year and I didn’t know how to get back to
the normal status of me. At that time I got to know this concept of
Gunas that helped me a lot. I might have been using this technic
unconsciously to calm myself down in past my life, but now I know how
to control my emotion exactly using this philosophy and became more