What I need in teaching #05 #NANA

The most difficult part of this YTT for me was teaching part… In my
past experience, even thought using my own language, I’m not good at
explaining something or teaching someone. Lots of things come out in
my head and my thoughts are clatter around, I end up giving them very
few information or messed up instructions.

Why? Because I don’t prepare for enough? Because I keep wondering I’m
good enough? Am I not confident enough? After all, I need to overcome
a fear…

I came across the podcast episode about “the vulnerability” last week.
They saying “being vulnerable can expand your world, then let’s accept
vulnerability”. I instantly thought that’s what I need for now in the
teaching process.

I’m still practicing to teach yoga, It’s Ok to be wrong, what if my
sequence is too easy for them, too difficult for them, what if I
explain too much. No need to be worried. I need to accept where I am,
try not to pretend more than I can be. I just perform what I can do
the best at this point. Of course, I need to prepare to do my best
before that. I’ll learn from my mistakes. But this mindset is what I
needed to know to overcome my fear/ accept vulnerability during
teaching the class.