Yoga as a way of life – 1/6 Claire

I was led to The Yoga Mandala studio by a chance encounter. It felt as though someone had heard the calling (which i have neither expressed it openly nor realized it myself) within me and led me to it. After plucking up my courage and deciding to dive into the course without too much thoughts (before all the fear and inhibitions sets in), i signed up for the course and i felt, “Great, i am going to do this.” Amazingly, just shortly after i have signed up for the course, several big changes in my life started to happen and forced me to set myself in motion, out of my comfort zone. It seems as though life had intended to re-align my life.

As i started attending the yoga practices, i became more aware of my body and my mind and realized new things about myself after every practice. Most importantly, i became more aware of the nature of the mind and mental defilements when i approach a new pose. Often before attempting at a pose, the mind would come to judge if the pose is do-able, and if the pose is do-able, the mind becomes conceited, and if it does not seem do-able, ignorance sets in and stops myself from attempting it.

Hence yoga is not just an exercise for the physical body, it is also to bring the awareness to our mind and becoming a better person. Just like a new pose that we are attempting for the first time, we may not get it right, but the awareness is there and we will keep on trying until we reach at the posture we wanted. Similarly for our mind, the first time the not so good thoughts arise, we may not catch it in time. The next time it arises again, we got it and reminded ourselves to let it go. Hopefully the next time, we would have replaced it more with the good thoughts. Let us all become a better person as we progress on with our yoga practice.

With metta,

Claire Tay