YTT – easy or difficult?

As I mentioned in my earlier post (How it all started), I hated stretching and I don’t feel any improvement after my yoga classes (in another studio).

In the first 2 or 3 weekends, half way through the classes, I would be thinking “Ow my gawd ! What did I sign up for?” . Not to mentioned, I got dizzy for an hour and threw up after my 2nd class. Probably cause my body couldn’t handle the intense training and I drank green tea which lowered my blood pressure. Lesson learned.

Constant practicing with correct pranayama(breathing), knowledge and alignments, I feel stronger/healthier physically and mentally. I love stretching now cause it feels right. I love it when Jess and Alexis pushes us to our limits (like 100 squats or 100 pushup for warm up or bring you to sentosa and ask you to jump off a 4 storey height building). After you overcome each obstacle/fear you will grow stronger and wiser.

Like they always teach us, Yoga is not just about being able to do asanas. It is a lifestyle. Never ending learning and improving for a better self. It’s a truly enlightening journey for me and I hope by sharing my journey, it could inspire others to give this a try.