Zeal. Tapas and the other nayamas.-CA

Tapas as described by Jessica is the zeal for yoga.

In an article by in yogashanti.com (August 2009) Lois Nesbitt says “ tapas,( which) is the friction generated by going against the grain of habit, of complacency, of doing what’s easiest, of getting away with things. Tapas is the fervor of striving to be the best you can, which may mean shifting what you do and how you do it.” So tapas for one is not the same as tapas for another.
This struck a chord with me. Man, have I shifted. I was indeed spending time doing what was easiest – I fell into a habit of no exercise. YTT is indeed creating the friction – going against what I have been accustomed to what I think is my natural grain . To commit to the practice, – despite my desire to sleep in on Saturdays and Sundays, despite my the aches in my body, despite the rigour – and, I am surprised at how much I find myself thinking of yoga. I entered YTT to add to my repertoire in working with adolescents and though I knew there was philosophy and theory to be discovered, what I am finding is they align with my personal philosophy and meaning making. Tapas is described as a personal practice. Personal practice. I am learning, creating and aspiring… tapas.