#1 by Bernice (Jan 17 Weekend): Kicking off


For my first blog post, i decided to write about why i took up this course. I have been practising yoga for about 3+ years now. Around a year after starting out yoga, my friend asked me to take the YTT course with her, but back then i didnt feel that i was ready to teach. The thought of standing in front of a class, knowing exactly what to say and how to say it, was something that i struggled with.

Since then, the thought of taking the YTT kept popping in my head but i never got down to doing it. I was always had a “maybe next time” kind of response to myself. In October 2016, i decided that i would never be “ready” if i kept waiting. I should just go for it and get out of my comfort zone, learn something new, and maybe in the meantime make some new friends along the way.

So i signed up! And i’m so glad i did. In terms of asanas, yes i can do more now, but mentally i am by no means more “ready” than i was back then. I guess we will never be “ready”. If anyone is reading this and has been flipping the idea of doing a YTT back and forth in your mind, my advice is to just do it. Really. There’s no better time than now!

I’ll be writing more about my YTT experience in the next few posts, so catch yall later!