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11 February 2019 – First day of YTT-Tal

Where does it all begin?
My love and connection to yoga started way back in early 2005 in Israel. That was the first time I took an Ashtanga beginnings couples course with my husband, and boy let me tell you, this was a love at first sight.
For the first time I felt there is a way I can connect my body, mind and soul, everything made so much sense even though it was so challenging.
Funny enough, at the end of 2005 life offered us an opportunity to relocate to Bangalore, India. We spend more than 3 years in India loving every minute, but mainly focusing on our parenting skills. I was trying different Gurus, different styles of yoga, but couldn’t stick to one.
In 2009 we moved to Singapore and I continue with my Yoga inquiry, but was never able to commit to more than a few months.
This past year I’ve been taking Coaching classes and seminars in order to improve my life and the life of people around me, and there it hit me;
What I miss in my life is actually what yoga has to offer me and lacking the proper knowledge about the depths of Yoga sabotage my commitment.
So here I am on my first day of YTT at The Yoga Mandala choosing to take this path in my life journey. Honestly, I’m terrified, but at the same time proud and excited.
Welcome to the rest of my life.