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Two days to exams. I’m not nervous, not at all.

I’m not. Honest.

I’m terrified.

I can’t switch off about it. I can’t stop thinking about it. MYGAWWWD it’s driving me up the wall.

I’ll be okay. I think…

On one hand I can’t wait to graduate, and on the other, I can’t bear for our YTT to end. I’ve become so used to seeing my classmates and teachers every week for the past three months. How is it possible that it’s been only three months when it feels so much longer? They’re practically family to me already. I’m torn…

One big reason that made this YTT so meaningful, was them. They’re the sweetest bunch of people I’ve ever met. I don’t have enough words to express how incredibly blessed and thankful I am.

There is a special piece of my heart that will always belong to them.