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200HR YTT – Week 2! – Shirleen (2/6)


Here’s the second week of the ytt!

My body is aching at my triceps, my thighs, my butt and a little on my back! Progress progress! Have not felt the sore since my pregnancy, almost a 16 months ago. The pain feels kind of bittersweet. Ha. My husband actually said he can see some muscles on my arms. *diva gif plays*

This week’s first lesson is about Kriyas. Cleansing techniques. I didn’t even know that physical methods exist! I always thought yoga is more of like the spiritual and mind stuff. These methods only made sense when relating back to how life was before the evolution of how things are now, with science and technology. It is amazing how the old yogis can even think of such ideas.

Yesterday’s lesson was about Chakras. I heard of chakras and roughly know about it when I attended a sound healing workshop. I saw the different singing bowls but they were all white colour! Jess says not to get those white ones because of lead content. =O

Anyway, the Chakras lesson made me relate to all the issues that affected me recently. My Svaddhishthana is probably not balanced because of the birthing of Jacob. My flexibility went down hill because I was inactive for 6 months post natal and did not dare to open my hips wide right after the natural birth. There was this tingling thought that the wound will tear or the stitch will open up.

I always wonder how women can go through birthing like a pinch of salt. I felt like the birthing process is rather traumatizing. The thought of the cervix opening up for a human to exit scares me. Now that I have experienced it, I must say the real deal is after the birthing. Healing from the wound, the breast feeding and being sure that whatever I’m providing for the little one is the best for him.