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It has come to the end of week 3. All of us were a little heavy when we heard Jessica reminded us that. A little recap on how I was before joining this ytt. I had backache most of the time when I lied down to savasana after the whole practice. Which I do not have this feeling throughout my training here so far. It is surprising and I feel great about it.

Still it keeps me wonder: Maybe like what Jessica always say, she doesn’t like to let her student practice backbends cause most of the students don’t engage core when they do that, it may increases flexibility but students tend to lose core.

The second possibility could be I am finally learning the right techniques in entering and doing a pose. My main reason to join a ytt has always be the same: to learn the right thing. Something very important has been taught to us is to do almost every pose while tucking in your ribs. I know it may sounds very simple yet it plays a major change in my yoga journey.

I’m looking forward in more of these simple yet life changing moments in TYM. Never look down into any of these small details and let’s be grateful. Namaste.