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15-Feb-2019, Journey?-Tal

Today I realized what a journey is.
I always imagined a long rough road with lots of obstacles, the kind of road that you can’t know when and how it will end.

I woke up this morning understanding that everything in life is a journey, taking a class, doing homework with my kids, choosing how to nurture my body, to be kind to myself at all times, getting on the mat, every posture is a journey, even every breath I take and every thought I think is a journey.

In some journeys I’m alone in some I have company, most journeys are thoughts that goes on in my head.
From today onward I choose to consider each Journey as a victory, in one way or another, and as victories they should be celebrated (failures are also victories as they are celebration of trying, or learning how do do thing differently next time).
So this is my celebration to be grateful and humble for the opportunity this life offers me.