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YTT Comes To An End

On October 31, 2020, I attended my first lesson of 200-hour yoga teacher training at The Yoga Mandala
Studio. Back in January of that year, I wondered if I should start my yoga practice, which I had stopped
practicing for about a decade. I’m not sure if I could cope well and make my way to become a yoga
teacher. But deep in my heart, I know this is what I’m looking for: for both career and hobby, and
constantly learn my life. Despite I attended lot of yoga classes, I really don’t know what’s going to
happen to my yoga journey, until I went to YTT.

I learned a lot during my time during YTT. Although it was not easy, it was absolutely amazing and
awesome, from asana to a physical workout and poses, pranayama or breathing techniques, and
meditation. Our mentor always remind us that the path of a Yogi, is to keep practice and learning. Don’t
be afraid to do mistake or failed to do the pose. We all learn from mistake.

Yoga has a lot of reputations, some are true and some, not so much. However, during the YTT time, it
does helped me endure the difficulties and build the commitment during training. It completely changed
my view. And now, YTT is going to come to the end, the indescribable feeling all mixed-up. Nervous,
excited and sad. All kinds of feelings. Nervous for the exam, excited for the last day and I will become a
certified Yoga teacher (provided i pass all my exams… Haha) and sad because I’m going to miss my
mentor and my lovely Yogi friends cum classmate. We work out and spends at least 16 hours every
weekend together in the past two and half months. I gonna to miss all the fun, laughter moment and
our beautiful mentor. Especially when she nag on our yoga postures alignment with her lovely cute
voice. Haha. I’m starting to miss it all now.

200 Hour YTT Oct’20