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1st weekend of Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

28 Feb 2021
1st weekend of Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

Unlike the other students who were excited and pumped for YTT, I was hesitant and feeling
under the weather during the first weekend. I took my vaccinations for Covid-19 and have
been sick most of my February 2021 and was only just recovering.

Jessica, the instructor for YTT asked every single one of us why we signed up for YTT. For
the sake of persevering throug the 200 hours, I thought it was a good reminder to us when
we are having a hard time during classes.

My reasons were pretty similar to a few other yogis – I will be turning 30 next year and being
a licenced yoga instructor is on my bucket list! I have been lamenting to attend the 200-hour
YTT since 2015, because I felt that I am not charismatic nor confident enough to teach a
class. But Covid-19 hits and I DID have some spare ‘travel’ cash saved up…so why not
invest in myself instead?

Practical started and it was also intimidating to see other students much stronger and
experienced than me. I was also terrified that I was not able to catch up with the others – I
had such poor memory and difficulty pronouncing Sanskrit!

It was still the period of Lunar New Year. Thankfully, my husband was super supportive
during the weekends when I was practicing the words and poses. He memorised the sun
salutation- Surya Namaskar A and B with me! I made so many mistakes, but he repeated the
words after me patiently.

I hope that my journey with The Yoga Mandala will build on my confidence and equip me
with the skills to become a yoga teacher one day…I am managing with the Sanskirt for
Surya Namaskar A and B for now…but dang it, the standing sequences are coming for me

200 Hour YTT Feb-May’21