#2 by Bernice (Jan 17 Weekend): Meditation

Doing this YTT course has opened me up to a meditative practice. In the past, i was only exposed to the asana practice, and while i knew that asana was just 1 of the 8 limbs of yoga, i knew nothing about the other 7 limbs.

One of the 8 limbs of yoga is Dharana, which is meditation techniques. On the first day of YTT, we started off with a short meditation practice, where we sat for about 20 min, getting used to the feeling of clearing our minds and ignoring the numb legs. I found it really hard at first, but after a while i found myself in a restful state, and i lost my focus on the breath.

Over time, the morning meditation stretched to 45 min and surprisingly it passed faster than we expected. I found it easier to clear my mind and focus on the inhales and exhales. Now, i finally understand why yoga teachers like to say the breath is everything. It centres our focus and calms any anxiety or stress we might be feeling.

Yoga is truly a physical and mental practice, and i find myself loving it even more each day.