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20-Feb-2019: The Letting Go Asana-Tal

Second week of my YTT and I understand that the biggest Asana I need to practice is the ‘letting go’ one.
It is so easy to be harsh on myself, it is so easy to be disappointed, but at the same time it is very degrading and restricting. I realize that in order to get better in my physical abilities I need first to increase and improve my mental strength.
This means that I need to be kind to myself and to my body.
The more I’ll be able to let go at any given moment, the more it will allow my spirit to grow.
The less boundaries I set for myself like; ‘if’ ‘should have’ ‘but’ ‘can’t’ ‘no’ the easier it will be to let go, move forward and even fly – so bring it on, I’m ready and even if I’m not I’m sure as hell going to enjoy the ride 😉