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200 Hour YTT Hatha Vinyasa – Week 1

One month before my employment contract ended, I was faced with the uncertainty of what to do next. When my close friends asked if I’ve started looking for a job, without giving it much thought I told them, “I guess I’m finally going to be a yoga teacher.” I had imagined myself teaching yoga but never expected having to make that decision so soon. So I did some research online, trying to find out how to get certified, never really settling on any particular school because the timing was not right. In retrospect, I’m glad that I voiced my intention out loud, because the next week, a friend showed me the IHA Yoga Instagram post announcing that registration for the September batch of 200 Hour YTT was open. My last day of service would be exactly one week before. It was like the Universe was giving me a sign and pushing me in this direction. I had a talk with my mother, received her support and blessing (another sign!), and signed up.

On the first day, my body received a shock. I was made painfully aware of my lack of strength and the imbalances in my body. I brushed away thoughts like “Can I really do a headstand?” and “This is so tough!”, and tried to absorb as much as my body could take. I have so much respect for all who have gone through YTT now because there is just so much to learn and improve on. In addition to the guidance from our teachers Nicole and Jessica during the physical practice, the discussions and sharing between my course mates during theory lessons make it an even more enjoyable journey. I was exhausted and fell asleep at 7pm that day, but said to everyone who asked how my first day went that I should have done this a long time ago!

The week went by in a flash, by the second day I managed to get my legs up in a shoulder headstand, third day we executed Bakasana, fourth day we tried tripod headstand. By day five we were already taking turns at teaching surya namaskara A and B! What a load of information for the body and mind to absorb. One takeaway lesson for me after week 1 is to approach the practice without fear because it only limits us in our learning and discovery. Something we can all apply to our daily lives as well, definitely!

I am looking forward to everyone’s growth over the remainder of the course. Thank you all for sharing your positive energy with me.

Love + Peace out!

– Afiza (200hr Hatha Vinyasa YTT Course, 28.09.2015 to 30.09.2015)