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200HR YTT – Last Week – Shirleen (6/6)


It is scary how time flew past just like that. 5 weeks. I am so glad I made that leap to join this YTT. It has always been a dream and now, I feel like I can finally stop dreaming and start living the life I want to lead.

After much encouragement by Alexis, I took the leap and got out of my comfort zone and lived my dream. An Inversion Class. I have so much excitement as I plan this sequence. It is like the fire in me lit up. I have fear when I go for inversion class, and I can’t believe I can actually teach one!

The class started with me feeling confident as I planned thoroughly on how the warm up should be done. It feels like a cheat way to have more asanas. *smirk* and thankfully, it was easier to remember my own sequence this round. This day, all the ladies took the leap and tried. Even though I did not assist perfectly, I was prepared to hug their entire body and lift them up if I had to. They know how it feels to be upside down, so I thought it was not as bad. I was so happy after the class!

Now that I finally understood how it actually should be as a teacher, I am ending the course.

I will miss these ladies, Tal, Boon, Shuping, Cindy, Anna and Jade. We all come from different backgrounds and fate brought us all here. So thankful for these friendships and bonds built through the way. And also our honesty to one another.

Thank you Jess and Alexis for the love, guidance and so much patience! :’)

My heart is so full.