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200HR YTT – First Lesson Thoughts – Shirleen (1/6)


The first day of class! Just in case I dont have enough time for the posts, I shall just start on the first day when my fire is on.

Usually I would feel butterflies (Baddha Konasana, hurhur) in the stomach when doing something new but this round, I just feel eagerness. I went for the Q&A session few days ago and have met Jessica. The Q&A session made me discard the worries of time management at home and work and went ahead with doing something I have always been wanting to do. Jessica actually made me excited to study!

The course started with familiar terms like Pranayama and Ujjayi breathing. These terms I’ve heard a lot but I have never remembered how they are spelt or what they actually mean.

The class went on to knowing the sunskrit names of the poses that I have been doing since 4 years ago. Clearly not much progress happened these 4 years. I have never attended any lesson and was allowed to sit there to remember the terms for a good fifteen minutes. And this is the best thing ever. It made me feel like my memory isn’t that bad eh.

I always thought Uttanasana was about stretching hamstring, palms able to reach the floor, stomach touching the thighs (I always thought like “huh? what stomach touching? i guess i’m touching.”) and the back will just bend normally.

Mind blowing moment when Jessica adjusted my knees to bend, stomach really touching thighs now, and neck relaxed. TADAH! Imaginary six packs formed with a straighter back. This is probably the most common yet neglected pose done by people who does yoga. I have never been corrected for Uttanasana for the past 4 years and now, I feel renewed!

Another realisation I had was the stepping from Ardha Uttanasana to Phlankasana. Usually the hip will open wide so I can step back. Now, the engagement is in the core and quads to tuck my leg in, up and back. All these while keeping the hip square still. Enlightened again!

The whole sun salutation now feels different, so much more engagement and so much going on! These basic poses aren’t that basic anymore!

Can’t wait for more enlightenment and my core awaken!