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200HR YTT – Change – Shirleen (3/6)

28022019 (Week 3)

Its exactly half of the course now. There’s a bittersweet feeling. I want it to end so I can get some sleep yet, I am uncertain of what I would be doing after I am done here.

I am a car dealer. Have been working for my cousin for nearly 10 years now. Clearly very faithful to the company. (Brahmacharya. HAHA) I have been comfortable and afraid to get out of my comfort zone. Time was always something I wish for as I would spend most of my time sitting in the office.

Joining the ytt is a big step for me and I’m glad that everyone around me is so supportive of. I have always have things in my control until I had dengue and my son had UTI at the end of last year and many things weren’t going my way. I could not accept how things can actually be out of my control and I desperately wanted things to get back to “normal”. Well now, I’m getting to understand that the “normal” I seek, should be accepting how unpredictable life can be and things do go out of my control. And through uncertainty, there will be growth. I should practise Ishvara Pranidhana. Surrender to situations. Just to help myself remember!

I was feeling real tired yesterday and Jess was so sensitive and adjusted the entire plan for the day subtly. Thanks Jess. For not letting me embarrass myself. Hahah. You’re the best.