Three reasons why yoga trumps running as an effective workout

Before I discovered yoga, running was my go-to form of exercise when I wanted to shed some kilos or feel better after day of pigging out. However, as I got older and my metabolism slowed, running proved to be more and more ineffective and barely showed results despite me running almost everyday for at least […]

Using a Drishti in Asanas

The simple definition of drishti is the technique of using a specific gazing direction for the eyes to control attention. It is practiced in yoga because of the various benefits it brings to the yoga practice. A drishti is a specific focal point that is brought into play while holding a yoga posture. Through drishti […]

The first limb of Yoga – Yama

In yoga, the term Yama stands for the disappearance of all suppressions. It may also be interpreted as to have discipline, to restraint, to have self-control and ethics and it relates to how you should deal and interact with those around you, how you treat others and the environment around you. There are five yamas, […]

Benefits of Ujjayi Breathing

Ujjayi is a particular style of pranayama that is also known in Sanskrit as “victorious breath”. This is because Ujjayi breath is a method through which lungs, ribs and chest are expanded fully, similar to that of a victorious warrior. It brings the practitioner a multitude of health benefits – it is known to help […]

The three types of karma

The Sanskrit word “karma”, literally translated, means action. It comes from the root “kri”, meaning, to act. Karma refers to actions or deeds, in the past, present and future. Karma includes physical as well as mental or psychological acts. In the yoga world, there are three types of karma. 1. Sanchitta These are the accumulated […]

The 3 top attributes of the kind of yoga teacher I hope to be

As I embark on the exciting journey of the 200 hour yoga teacher training course, it finally sank in that I will be qualified to teach and conduct a yoga class really soon (cross-fingers!). This has made me recall the many yoga teachers I’ve had encountered in the past 1.5 year of practicing yoga. Some […]