Get That Natural Glowing Skin with Yoga

The two main things we often notice when we see a yogi is that they are usually physically strong and very flexible. They often give off a calm, relaxed and positive vibe. However, if you notice close enough, most yogis pretty much have radiant and glowing complexion. Good news for beginner yogi is that you […]

Questions before Doing Yoga

Every yoga practitioner was once a beginner. Over the past few years, yoga has been grouped as one of the hottest sports and it is no doubt that the types of classes are getting much more diverse, ranging from the traditional Ashtanga to sweaty Bikram. As a newbie, you should first pick a type of […]

Benefits of Practicing Yoga

I have been practicing yoga for about 9 months now and I started taking yoga seriously when I enrolled for Yoga Teacher Training Course which took place in March. Ever since my constant practice of yoga, I have realized my life has improved mentally, physically and emotionally. Yoga indeed has tonnes of benefits and that […]

First Breakthrough!

I find myself pretty shy when it comes to interacting with strangers and people whom I am not familiar with. This has easily become one of my weaknesses and it has always been a constant battle between my inner thoughts and what I really want to do. So, I had no idea that in my […]

Practice Santosha

“Santosha” is the second Niyamas of Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga. It teaches us on how to seek contentment within you before you can form any relationship with others. As the saying goes, love yourself before you love others, simply because it is impossible to provide love to someone else if you do not have […]

Reasons Why I Took Up Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC)

We have all heard this from most non-yoga practitioners; “I’m too stiff to do yoga!” and I am guilty of that as well. I remembered when I was first introduced into yoga back in 2013. The class package lasted for a month and I am on yoga hiatus since then. Fast forward a year later […]

What Can A Fresh Yoga Teacher Training Graduate Do

The demand for yoga teacher training has grown exponentially in recent years. Generally, every yoga teacher who has graduated from the YTT course would have the intention to turn their yoga passion into a successful and sustainable yoga career. Passion for yoga is a lifestyle but if we are able to turn it into an […]

What Has Yoga Taught Me About Life

Beyond the yoga asanas and all the philosophical underpinnings, there are various life lessons that I have learned from yoga practice. 1) Do not create unnecessary tension When I get into challenging poses, usually the first thing that I would do is clench my teeth and tense my shoulders. This does not help me to […]

The Hidden Benefits of Yoga

Generally, yoga practice, through breathing (pranayama), postures (asanas) and body locks (bandhas), is nature’s way of healing our body or boost our immune system by increasing overall health without the need of any consumed medicines or tonic. As you breathe better, move better and circulate better, all the other organs function better. Many have known […]

A Yogi’s Diet : The 3 Gunas

The three Gunas are classifications of quality of energy in all things used in Yoga Science and Ayurvedic medicine. A Guna is one of three “tendencies” of the mind, body and consciousness. The three gunas are called rajas, tamas and sattva. These categories describe our behavior, thinking, health and diet. Sattvic Diet is the purest […]