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6 Dec

Bittersweet Evening. From Nancy

Tonight will be a bittersweet evening for me. As I prepare to take my final portion of the YTTC, I feel a mixture of happiness, relief and sadness. Happiness is easy – I have learned a lot here, I feel enthused about being a yoga teacher, and I have made some new friends. Relief — […]


5 Dec

A Yee Hah at IHA! From Nancy

What a relief! I am so proud to have passed the Practical portion of the YTTC. It wasn’t easy — I wish I had done this 20 years ago when I was still young and fit! But saying that, I am much fitter now than I was when I started the course 5 weeks ago. […]


3 Dec

Are the jitters normal??? From Nancy

What can I say? My practical exam is tomorrow, and I HAVE THE JITTERS! It seems odd to me. I am quite sure that I can do the required postures, I did them the past two days… so why do I have performance anxiety? I have been asking myself this for a few days now. […]