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21 Apr

Teaching Practice | RYT200 Reflections | Yuqi

Yesterday, we had our first try at teaching a full one-hour class. Personally, I feel that the challenge to designing a class sequence is to know which body parts you want to target, and ensuring that your class sequence can flow smoothly accordingly. I wanted to play music for my class because as a student, […]


20 Apr

Inversions | RYT200 Reflections | Yuqi

If I remember correctly, we started learning about headstand on the 7th day. While my classmates managed to come up to a headstand, I remained stuck on the ground, unable to bring my legs up. It’s not even about trying to hold a headstand, but I couldn’t even bring myself to a headstand position! And […]


19 Apr

How to stay hydrated before and after yoga class?- Shivonne

I would like to share how to stay hydrated while practicing yoga. I am kind of people easily get thirsty and dehydrated especially doing exercise or staying outdoor. It has become a habit to bring a water bottle along wherever I go . However, many yoga instructors discourage drinking water during the yoga class. Many […]


8 Apr

New Beginnings | RYT200 Reflections | Yuqi

First day of YTT started on 25 February 2019. I woke up at 6am – I don’t even wake this early for work! 😂 I had mixed feelings as I got to the studio – I was excited to start YTT yet nervous on how it would turn out! I haven’t been very active since […]


8 Apr

Pre-YTT | RYT200 Reflections | Yuqi

When I first decided to take up this yoga teacher training course, I was confident that I really want it, yet unsure if I was making the right decision. Taking on YTT or not – was not an easy decision to make. It’s a 200-hours course, spanning over 25 days (weekends). I have never attended […]


7 Apr

Do you hyperextend your joints?- Shivonne

I would like to share a common mistake that many regular yoga practician used to make. While attending yoga class, we always heard the instructor say , “Don’t overextend your elbows” or “Do not lock your knees”. However,people usually overlook it and end up injuring themselves . What dose overextend or hyperextend actually mean in […]