Yanhan (6/6) Thankful

The best thing about TYM teachers is that they care. For every single student. They share in your triumphs and tribulations. TYM is not just a studio that runs great yoga classes, it provides a safe and friendly community and space for everyone to practise. They make you want to be a better person!! I […]

Yanhan (5/6) Teaching

We have reached THAT point in our YTT journey – actually teaching a full one-hour yoga class. The class sequence, delivery, students’ safety are all entirely up to us. It’s actually quite funny how most, if not all, of us freak out over this part of the YTT the most although it is pretty much […]

Olivia 4. Fear of inversions

Throughout YTT, there are times when we ask Jess questions and she mentions she has to see us do the pose in person or that she only takes in certain private sessions because everybody is different and not every cue would work for you. A big part of being a yoga teacher is knowing that every student […]

Olivia 3. Letting go

Coming from the fitness world, there’s always a little bit of ego when it comes to achieving poses or pushing yourself. But one of the most enlightening points from YTT was during the lesson on body alignments. There are just some things your body wasn’t meant to do or just have more difficulty doing. And rather than stewing […]

Olivia Yiong 2. Overcoming sun salutations & sanskrit

Sun salutations. The bane of every YTT student (at the beginning). Learning the correct alignment, memorizing the Sanskrit names and teaching the sequence – these caused quite a bit of headache in Weeks 2-5. Who knew there were so many cues for these (seemingly) simple poses? My downward dog has never been the same since. You can literally […]

Olivia Yiong 1. Welcome to YTT

So I finally took the plunge and dived right straight into YTT 200. Completing the YTT was always something on my to-do list/bucket list/whatever you call it these days. I wanted it but I made so many excuses for myself. School/work/timing/money/lack of knowledge. And somehow I chose to embark on this journey at the busiest point […]

Charmaine – Appreciation (6/6)

3 months have flown by and we’re now coming to the end of YTT. I’m so grateful for Jess, who is always generous with her time and her knowledge, and is always so nurturing and compassionate even though she might be having a difficult day. Thank you Alexis for taking photos of us and giving […]

Charmaine – Community Classes (5/6)

So after teaching two classes (one multi-level class last week and one themed class on split pincha today) I learnt that – I am a nervous blob before class starts. I think a lot of the fear stems from worry about not being good enough and being unable to execute a perfect class. – Cues […]

Phoebe Blog 5: Making the most of your yoga teacher training

Phoebe Ng. Follow my journey @Pianista_Phoebe @YogaWithPeachy Are you getting deeper in your practice that you crave for more even after one full hour of yoga class? Are you getting tired of your office job and want to take a break? Do you feel like your life/body is falling apart and you want to piece […]

Phoebe Blog 4: Let go of your ego

Phoebe Ng. Follow my journey @Pianista_Phoebe @YogaWithPeachy In any kind of forward fold, like Uttanasana or Paschimottanasana, the most common mistake new yogis make is to round the back so that your head can touch the legs. One should always maintain a straight back when doing any form of forward bends. Instead of forcing yourself […]