The road ahead

Less than a week now to graduation (*if and when I pass theory*), we do feel a little bittersweet knowing that weekends would be very different from then on. Okay mainly me, because I am pita like this ha. Big shoutout to Jess, Alexis and my batchmates for the love and support throughout the journey. […]


The past three months flew by in a blink of an eye. I remember burning midnight oil so that my work wouldn’t spill over to the weekends, rushing assignments in the middle of the night, finding time to practise, juggling between being a wife/ daughter/ friend, and still making time for myself – totally milking […]


The first time I taught, I didn’t want to fail. And I failed so terribly. Sure, I gave the right instructions but my intention was wrong. I cared too much about whether I was saying the right thing vs whether the class understood them and if they were really enjoying the class. Jessica called me […]

Who am I? 

Is my mind drifting during meditation? Am I standing tall, strong and stable in a tadasana? Am I dropping my head completely in a uttanasana? Am I gazing at my nosetip in a phalankasana? Am I breathing? Am I completely relaxed in savasana? Are my eyebrows relaxed? Are my shoulders tense? Unbeknownst to me, the […]

Two weekends in 

I became way stronger! I couldn’t believe it – it was just two weekends of classes yet I had so much more physical strength than when I first started (gotta be the chaturangassssss).   Engaging muscles I never knew existed during the classes reminded me that we are way stronger than we think we are […]

Day 1 

“Let’s gather around and introduce ourselves – who we are, why are we here, do you intend to teach and is there any asana you would like to achieve after the course?”   Honestly, I wasn’t too sure what I was doing there at that moment. I didn’t even have a pose I aspired to […]

WHY do I want to teach yoga?

In 2017, I attended a Yoga Teaching Methods class in Seoul at Yonsei University. It was led by a cool and very wise French-Korean professor named Martine Prost. As she shared about the history of yoga and guided us through different poses each week, including the classical Sun Salutation sequence, it sparked my interest to […]

WHERE was I when I first started yoga and where am I now?

When I first started yoga, I was told by a yoga teacher that I am more flexible than strong physically. I was unable to enter, not to mention hold, plank pose since my back would automatically arch. I also remember how changes in schedules used to terrify me sometimes because I was not mentally prepared […]

HOW do I practice yoga?

For the years which I have been practising, I mainly go for themed classes without a structured curriculum since they are most accessible. However, I slowly noticed how I was not progressing much in terms of skills and knowledge even though I have been practising for years. I still find it a struggle to make […]

WHAT have I learnt from doing yoga?

I feel that yoga has taught me most about physical, mental and emotional strength. I believe that as we breathe through tough poses to hold in them, we will breeze through them the next time we get back into them. It is important to note that this can also be applied to the many challenges […]