Conducting our first class

Teaching our first class this weekend was something we practised and worked hard for, as it was our first time delivering a full class. We had rehearsed with each other prior, giving feedback on what to improve on. Remembering the poses and transitions is also a challenge for me with my poor memory and I […]

Surya Namaskar

The most enjoyable part for me in Sun Salutation is to learn the Sanskrit names of the asanas. It is fun to break the words down and learn what they mean. Interestingly, the Sanskrit names of the asanas are the literal instructions for you to get into the pose. The main thing that I was […]

Meditation in Sukhasana — Easy Seated Pose is Not Easy

Sukhasana, commonly known as easy or comfortable seated pose. A simple act of sitting cross-legged and doing breathing exercises. But I’ve found that there is a lot more to the pose than mere sitting and breathing. The first challenge was body posture alignment. Sitting up tall to ensure the spine is straight, but it is […]

Savasana (Corpse Pose) — A Difficult Relaxation Pose

Savasana, a pose often used for relaxation at the end of a session, and a favorite for students. It may seem like the perfect nap time at the end of the yoga practice. But you actually have to be fully conscious, yet being completely relaxed. Not everyone can be happily balanced and relaxed in this […]

The Subtle Transition from a Yoga Practitioner to a Yoga Teacher

Three months ago, in February 2021, I began my YTT as a total amateur in yoga. I had little to no knowledge on poses and their names. As we practiced Asanas in class, I had to rely heavily on instructions given, and looking around for reference of each pose. Even then, I didn’t get into […]

The Core of Standing Poses

Standing poses, my initial thoughts were that these were purely leg strength or flexibility. Which was pretty evident when I struggled with holding poses such as Virabhadrasana 1 (Warrior 1). My thighs quivered, shook, and screamed internally in agony from the pain. But I came to the realization that there was so much more to […]

Week 4: Body Progression & Breathing

‘Coming into an easy seated pose’, being the first instruction for meditation, has caused a little personal phobia for me over the past 3 weeks for the following reasons. 1. Adjustment of body posture and alignment is hard work When seated in meditation, my objective is to work on my body posture and alignment to […]

Week 5: Joint Movements & Spinal Check

Over this past weekend, we learnt about the different kinds of movements that each major joint in our bodies offer. It was really interesting to be thinking about our body movements as a result of certain joint actions, let alone describe the entry to a pose by using individual joint movements. Having done a variety […]

My first community class

  It was finally the day where I had to teach my first community class. Sure enough, my nerves were not cooperating and I was panicking beyond belief, pacing up and down the studio, recording a 140 heart rate while doing so. Public speaking was never really my thing, much less having to teach a […]

Here’s to my teachers

  In light of this being my last post and with it being hours (!!) away till the end of the beautiful journey we call YTT, my mind went to the wonderful people who have been pivotal in my journey as a student in yoga. In the 10 years I’ve been in and out of […]