I Am On The Way… – Jane, RYT200

Today is our batch’s graduation day.    So it took me about 2 hours to come up with the title and theme and yet, it feels wrong. I am not ready to end the YTT course yet – perhaps someone is playing a huge prank on me – it can’t possibly be at the end […]

Pratyahara – Be In The World But Not Of The World -Jane, RYT200

“If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you.” John 15:19   I have always pondered on the biblical idea of “being in the world but not of the […]

Pranayama and Dhyana – The Love Within -Jane, RYT200

The YTT experience at The Yoga Mandala has just been full of positive and emotional surprises. But since the very first class, , I have made a startling discovery of myself – I LOVE breath work and guided meditation.    I wouldn’t say I hated pranayama or meditation prior to the experience, but 2 out […]

Drishti – Gazing Point -Jane, RYT200

“Where your eyes go, your mind follows” – Jess @ The Yoga Mandala   So what do I frequently look at on a typical day? The answers are hardly surprising, it’s our standard modern life essentials – phones and laptops. I spent hours replying to work emails, and when I was off work, Netflix and […]

The Observer, Observing, The Observed – Jane, RYT200

“Be the observer observing the observed. You are the observer and the observed.” There is an iridescent magic to learning the most profound wisdom in the most simple terms at the most simple moments. And Jess, our teacher, is truly a maestro at that.    The journey within through the practice of yoga for me […]

We All Have to Start Somewhere – Jane, RYT200

I had recently relocated to Singapore, and with 5 weeks of gardening leave in between jobs, it was obligatory to explore all ideas of how to enjoy one of life’s rarest events – “fun-employment” to the fullest. Perhaps an intensive language course, or solo-travel around South East Asia, or a YTT course? I almost gave […]

What your body tells – Reiko, RYT200

After we learnt about shoulder joints, I tried a few poses like puppy pose.   I always felt discomfort around my shoulders in puppy pose but I didn’t know why. I thought it was just because of stiffness around my shoulders.    I tried the way we learned : to retract the shoulder blades first, […]

Bring awareness – Reiko, RYT200

Learning is definitely fun. Many discoveries thrill you. It is not necessarily something new to you. You may have known it, but you were just not so aware of it.   I used to use legs to bring them up for inversion poses. I was not using my core, especially around my ribs. I started […]

Sequencing – Reiko, RYT200

This is something I wanted to learn from this course.   In week 3 and week 4, each of us created a few sequences by ourselves. It was fun for me to make sequences. It was like connecting many dots of Asana to reach a peak pose. You can also choose a theme instead of […]

Invasion of Sanskrit Words – Reiko, RYT200

One day I was trying to memorize Asana names in Sanskrit.   ‘Tadasana, mountain pose’ ‘Trikonasana, triagle pose’ Easy peasy. I know this.   ‘Badda Utthita Parsvakonasana, extended side angle pose’ ‘Svarga Dvidasana, bird of paradise’ Ummm, let’s see…. I wonder what comes after these complicated ones.   ‘Bharadvajasana 1, seated spinal twist..’ Bara..bara…it sounds […]