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3 Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha

14 Mar 2021

Even if it may not be scientifically proven, doing the quiz which tells us which Dosha body type I
might be, excites me.

My results turned out to be being more pronounced in pitta, while having a balance between vata
and kapha (similar in scores). This means that I am more dominated in the fire element, which make
me innately strong, intense, and irritable. Pitta types apparently have more of a medium build and
endurance and gain muscle more easily than other types; and are stronger-willed and competitive.
Interestingly, pitta types get more acne, are sensitive to heat and humidity, and gets sun burns more

Check, check and check (insert sad face at the acne part). The quiz even tells us what diet is
recommended for each of the dosha types, so that it betters our health, energy level or even our
mood. While looking through the list, I thinking ‘reduce strawberries and tomatoes??? But those are
my favourite!!! Eat more cabbage?? YUCK.’

Jokes aside, I think that doshas may fluctuate or change, depending on many factors such as
environment age etc. Just like psychology research, we ask the same question: Is our human
behaviour nature (genetic/biological influenced) or nurture (influence of environment; life
experience and learning)??

Like many quizzes, or questionnaires out there (i.e., personality quiz), it is good to keep an open
mind what the results tell us. It may give us a rough idea on the decisions to make and give us a
direction if needed. My takeaway from this dosha experience, is just to eat everything in
moderation; to have enough sleep and reduce the stress in my life. To me, health and happiness is
most important in life

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