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3 Gunas From Da

Hi..I’m Da  Today in the morning ,I practiced Sun Salutation 12 poses,Meditation and Om .then all the students did warm up for yoga. Today teacher let us practice Sun Salatation poses by closing the eyes. I think this way it reduces the distraction and help me being more meditation.then I practiced more advance of Vinyasa poses .it stronger and harder .Teacher taught us the techniques of head stand and arm stand poses, also taught us how to prevent the injury

Afrternoon ,I have learnt about 3 Gunas and Beyond. As we know  that alcohol cause major health problem,dehydration and racing heart.So alcohol should be forbidden,also having large dinner  makes you feel sleepy because it forces your body to use  a lot of energy to digest.Being healthy to be able to practice Yoga is very important.So Yoga has classified 3 categories of food

1. STTVIC : Dairy food  such as milk,egg, butter,vegetable and nuts,These food provide you energy and keep you in good health

2. RAYASIC : Protein food such as fish as egg and onion Also sault and spices ,These food made you awake  and active .

3. TAMASIC :food makes a person dull, inert and lazy

I also have learnt about CHAKRA (7 energy system)

1. MULADHARA CHAKRA : at the base of the spine(RED)

2. SWADHISHTHANA: In the sexual organ.(ORANGE)

3. MANIRURA CHAKRA : In the navel ,corresponds to the solar plexus  .(YELLOW)

4. ANAMATA CHAKRA : In the heart region(GREEN)

5. VISHUDDA CHAKRA : In the middle of the throat.(BLUE)

6. AJNA CHAKRA : In the center of forehead.(PURPLE,WHITE)

7. SAHASRARA CHAKRA : At the top of head.(INDIGO)

Best Regard

200 Hour YTTC June Weekday 2015